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Your rating: None Average: 8.5 (2 votes) Reviews Aweber Claim: Ever heard, “The Money is in the List”? Aweber is an affordable opt-in email marketing service and is without a doubt the best way to constantly connect with your customers, build relationships, and improve sales conversions. Aweber is a long standing, popular, and professional email marketing service used by internet marketers, entrepreneurs, businesses, various associations, non profit organizations and much more. Some of Aweber’s highlights include; unlimited email follow-up autoresponders and broadcast messages, professional email newsletter creation tools, a customizable opt-in signup form with multiple website integration methods, over 150 HTML email templates, automated blog posts to email service, a robust subscriber management and performance tracking system, subscriber segmentation for advanced target marketing, facebook and Twitter integration, an email marketing knowledge base with live training webinars and videos, and an anti-spam rating to assist in formulating emails that do not get caught in subscribers spam filters. Aweber does not require a setup fee or a long term contract. Aweber offers a one month test drive of the service for just $1 with no obligations, you may cancel anytime.


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AWeber Communications
Email Marketing Service
$1 First Month Trial, starts at $19 per month
30 Days, No Obligation, Cancel Anytime
8/10 initial post first impression rating.
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Independent Aweber Reviews

"I have been an AWeber customer for over five years and it’s the only autoresponder I use and recommend to my clients. Their system is easy to set up, powerful enough to manage my large opt-in lists, and mail sent through them has the highest delivery rate of any competitor we have tested. Follow-up is the key to long term revenue, and we earn over $250,000 a year resoliciting prospects who request information from our network of Web sites. Without AWeber, we’d lose a LOT of money"
"It took me about 1-2 hours collectively to master AWeber. I’m not a programmer but I am very fluent in HTML and online business. AWeber has been built to be as “cut and paste” as possible and you certainly do not need to know HTML to implement it. Most of the interface is simple forms you fill out and once you have a play you will understand how everything works. Of course there is a very good helpdesk and live support if you need it."

Josh Kotsay
"I did quite a bit of research, reading the various reviews on the net about (GetResponse and Aweber) autoresponder services, and Aweber seems to be the top choice for most people. As a blogger, my newsletters are a major part of my brand. I cannot afford not to have one. If an email service is unreliable and my emails don’t get delivered, then it’s useless for me. This is why I’ve chosen AWeber as my email delivery service."

Mert Erkal
"To be on the safe side, i read some comments on reliable forums . Also i searched to check whether there is any negative comments written on Aweber by a blogger or not. I saw that most of the comments were positive about it. Therefore i don’t even think of using another autoresponder and decided to try it one month."

Ivana Bosnjak and Alex Williams
"They won’t leave you hanging. If you need help with troubleshooting, they are fast and reliable, and will help you get set up in no time. They have tracking options that allow you to analyze and measure the success of your campaigns. It can be difficult to learn how to use Aweber. Review the training resources, though, and you should be able to catch on fairly quickly."

Daniel McGonagle
"There is a bit of a learning curve to learning how to use AWeber. I can remember learning how to use it years ago, and I got frustrated with it because I did not have the mentality to be patient, but at that time I also didn't realize just how valuable a skill I was learning...Not many people know how to use an autoresponder properly, therefore just having one isn't going to increase your income, you need to use it effectively, too."
"AWeber is one of the oldest autoresponder services around, founded in the 90′s when the Internet was still new. Over the years, AWeber has developed a solid reputation for being an easy to use program with tools that real world marketers will actually use and end up finding essential to their campaigns. AWeber is used by thousands of companies around the world in a wide variety of marketing niches. "
"AWeber received 20 out of 25 stars overall. Their Customer Service support quality was their ultimate strength, as they received a perfect score in that category with a knowledgeable and friendly support staff offering every kind of support. However, with no image hosting space, AWeber’s Email Creation could be improved. AWeber had high scores in every other category with easy Contact Management, high Email Deliverability and comprehensive reports. "
"A great benefit is that all Aweber mailings and autoresponders originate from the Aweber domain. If anyone ever complains about spam, and believe me some do every week I send my newsletter despite the fact it is impossible for them to get on my list without their permission, Aweber will protect you as they use a double opt-in service which means only people who genuinely request your information will receive it (they have to confirm they want it by replying to an email sent to their email address before they recieve any mailings from me)."
"AWeber does not have any kind of API which can help you for co-registration with your site, but this can be overcome very easily and you can use it to your advantage in more than one way...I do lots of Freelancing and have also referred many customers to Aweber and have also done the Setup for them. They have all rated Aweber system as one of the best and has given me a rating of 5 on 5 in Elance as well. "
"The really great thing about this system is that you can send subscribers to your mailling list by getting them to simply send a blank email to you account email address that you setup. This effectively is a quicker and easier option for you customer than filling in an online form."
"One problem I’ve noticed is that you can’t change the default confirmation page. When people signup, you may include your own page where they’ll be redirected. But when they click on confirmation link, they’ll be taken to Aweber’s page that doesn’t look very pretty...Overall, Aweber is the best service around. It’s easy to navigate and set-up campaigns. You may track clicks and do tons of other stuff."


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"The Money Is In The List"

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I personally love aweber -

I personally love aweber - it's reliable, easy to use, and as you pointed out, most bloggers used it.

Thanks for all the links!

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