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Chitika Review Chitika Editorial ReviewChitika Claim: Chitika’s service is optimized to monetize websites with significant U.S. and Canadian search engine traffic. Chitika is the alternative to Google’s AdSense, but can also serve to supplement other PPC efforts in new and exciting ways. Chitika offers 4 easy to implement and customizable opportunities to make money as a web publisher; Chitika Premium displays advertisements subject to the search engine query that landed the visitor; Whitespace monetizes extra space in high resolution monitors to display relevant ads in parallel to your website; Linx creates pay per click links within your content; and finally the Referral or affiliate program offers 10% of the income generated by publishers you refer to the program and 25% for advertisers. Samples of each have been implemented in this review.


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How Chitika Premium Works

Sample Chitika | Premium ad


Chitika Editorial Review

Chitika Editorial Rating

 Overall Score.....................8.3

Chitika Premium…............8
Chitika Whitespace...........5
Chitika Linx.........................8
Chitika Referral Program..7
Income Potential...............9
Proximity to Claim.............10
Ease of Use......................9
Tools & Techniques........8

Pros: Collapsible blocks, keyword targeting, Adsense compatible, different ppc approach, residual income, publisher protection

Cons: Targets primarily organic traffic, no control over linx, no multilevel residuals on referrals

How Chitika Works

The first thing you’ll need to do is freely join Chitika.  Once accepted, you’ll have access to unique code that can be placed onto your website to display advertisements that generate you money every time a visitor clicks on a link.  Chitika provides a medium for advertisers to market their products and expand their reach to a target market.  The webmaster simply copies a simple script into the html of their webpage and Chitika advertisers will display their ads on the page.  

Chitika offers four distinctly different ways to implement publisher services.  Below is an overview of each implementation, all of which have been included within this review as an example.

Chitika Premium Review

Chitika Premium ReviewChitika Premium is a customizable ad block that displays advertisements to United States and Canadian search engine traffic.  The Chitika script will take the exact keywords used that landed them on the page, and display targeted products for each individual user.  Although only for U.S. and Canada traffic, the visitor targeting is much more specific and unique than other context based services, such as Adsense.   Chitika caters to the user by not displaying advertisements and collapsing the ad block should no relevant products be determined from the keywords.  The collapse also occurs when visitors arrive on the page without going through a search engine, type in the URL directly, or subscribe to a feed.  This keeps your regular readers free of advertisements and targets only the organic traffic that is likely to produce a click.  However, you can allow Chitika to display Adsense or non-relevant ads instead, such as the example above, below the “How it Works” video.

Chitika Premium will produce more income than most any other program compared to the amount of impressions.  If you use a contextual based PPC, the advertisements will be displayed much more often, but less likely to produce a click.  Which is better for you depends on the composition of the landing page.  If a program that generates ads based on the content of a page cannot produce relevant advertisements, then Chitika Premium is right for you.

Chitika Whitespace Review

Chitika Whitespace ReviewChitika Whitespace functions the same way as Chitika Premium, but the adblock is removed from the content of the webpages.  Instead, Whitespace will fill unused space on the boarders of websites displayed on larger resolution monitors.  For example, this page only displays 1000 pixels wide and if you’re resolution is set to 1680x1050, you would see the whitespace adblock on the right of your screen, but it was removed due to a strange Internet Explorer error.  Currently, Whitespace is not usable on fluid website designs and only displays for traffic in the United States.  

With limited visibility to global users and the reliance on visitors having large resolutions, you’re most likely not going to get much performance out of this.  The block sits outside of the main site and will probably go unnoticed to those who have the prerequisites to generate the ad block anyhow.  It also looks a bit odd sitting all by itself and generates the appearance of website sloppiness.  However, the area is just dead space in front of a targeted user.

Chitika Linx Review

Chitika Linx ReviewChitika Linx creates in-content pay per click links.  When users mouse over linxs a small related product bubble pops up revealing offers from name brand merchants.  Should a visitor decide to follow one of these links you get paid.  Examples of Linx in action can be found throughout this review with the double underlined blue links.  Please do not click on any of these links unless you are genuinely interested in the product.  Most generally don’t like to flood pages with irrelevant links as it detracts from the visitor’s experience.  If you hold any value to the links you do provide on your website stay away from Linx.  Also, you don't have any control over what words are linked.  If you are primarily interested in making money or feel your visitors would benefit from such linxs, you won’t be disappointed in this programs earning potential.

Chitika Referral Program Review

Chitika Referral Program ReviewReferring publishers who use any of the PPC programs will earn you 10% of the cost per click revenue that your referrals earn for 15 months.  For example, if you refer 10 webmasters and they each earn $1,000 this month in Chitika Premium revenue, you’ll earn $1,000.  Also, referring advertisers will net you $25 for each new merchant who spends $100 advertising with the Chitika network.

This is not really a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) program as it sounds.  There is only one tier of residual income and you do not make money off your referral’s referrals.  Your earnings are ok in comparison to most other performance based referral programs.  The $25 for advertiser referrals is more of a 25% commission on one sale, there is no reoccurring income as there is with the publisher referrals.  There is a lot of money to be made here if you refer a webmaster with a popular site.  

Chitika Income Potential

How much money can I make with Chitika?Chitika income potential is mainly dependent on search engine traffic and the ability to get your visitors to click on the ads. You can’t outright tell them to do it, nor can you click on them yourself, nor can you scheme a way for visitors to click on the ads. It should come down to optimal placement and a visitor’s genuine interest in a product. Therefore, with increased search engine traffic there will be increased income.

For example, if a page receives 1,000 visitors a month, 75% come from search engines with a highly targeted keyword, and 10% click on an ad, you may average around $25 per month. If in a year, the site is receiving 20,000 visitors a month, the income raises to near $500 per month. Factor in optimal integration of Chitika premium and possibly increase the click rate to 20%, now you’re banking $1,000 per month. Implementing Linx will probably boost the click rate another 10% and taking advantage of website real estate by placing ads on whitespace will add another 5%. This will effectively raise your Chitika income to roughly $1,750 a month. Add in the unlimited potential of referral income and you're set to make some real money. Improving your website’s traffic and optimizing your Chitika layout will be utmost priority. Aside from advertiser referrals, Chitika is primarily not commission based; no one has to buy anything. Basically, the advertiser just bought your visitor from you.

However, a downside to the Chitika's search engine system is with the lower traffic niche websites. Creating a niche website on the internet is ideal, but having too focused of a topic may result in less traffic and no applicable advertisers. For example, if you have a popular blog about “Lucid Dreaming”, you will be hard pressed to find vendors advertising on Chitika with such a keyword. Either way, you need to work hard to build up a high traffic website to profit with any pay per click program. If you’re in such a niche, you will probably be better off taking advantage of a specific affiliate program

Chitika Proximity to Claim

Is Chitika Honest?Chitika does not over hype their programs or make inflated claims that numerous other services do. Chitika is a pay per click and referral based online income opportunity that is solely performance based. Many pay per click related products, not associated with Chitika, will exaggerate claims of income in order to get you to buy their optimizing product. Chitika itself does not offer any money making guarantee. Your profits come from your own efforts and creativity.

Chitika Legitimacy

Is Chitika Legitimate?Why would anyone question the legitimacy of the program? The Terms of Service are as complex as most other PPC programs. Many could unintentionally violate the TOS without ever realizing it. However, Chitika is more lenient than Google and others in that they have adopted an auditing system before sending payments. They will review the logs generated by visitors who have clicked an ad and evaluate discrepancies and suspicious activity. For example, if the same IP (unique identifier of a PC) has clicked on the same ad 10 times, Chitika will filter out the redundant clicks. This is basic defense against click fraud.

Click fraud is when a person or automated bot clicks on pay per click advertisements which inflates the costs to advertisers and generates an enormous amount of clicks for the publisher. Click fraud may occur at random, from a competing advertiser wishing to exhaust another advertiser’s budget, or from a competitor of your own site wishing to decrease your revenue by getting you banned from a program. Rather than just getting banned, Chitika goes through the effort of trying to protect their publishers as well as their advertisers. That’s much more than I can say for Adsense and many other PPC programs.

Chitika Marketability

Are Chitika advertisers marketable?Unlike affiliate programs where you are given a commission on selling another’s product, with Chitika you don’t have to sell or pitch anything. The ads are generated by the keyword a visitor uses via search engines to find your site. Chitika’s ad displays resemble most other PPC programs with a linked title, short description, and a URL. However, Chitika goes one step further and also displays small thumbnail images with their advertisements. This capitalizes on the visual stimulus of your website visitor. It takes much less time to get an impression from an image than reading text, which will provoke more clicks and result in more money for you. As the old saying goes, “An image is worth a thousand words.”

Chitika Ease of Use

Is Chitika easy to use?Chitika is very simple to sign up for and use. Basically, just copy and paste your URL into the publisher’s approval box and go grab your code. You will initially be presented with the Chitika Premium service which has the most successful return, but if you click on “Other Chitika Ads” you’ll find the code for linx and whitespace ads as well. The referral program link is off on its own tab and is just a URL to wrap as you wish.

Each variant allows for the customization of colors, format, layout, and sizes to suit most webmaster’s requests. Chitika’s pay per click system is ideal for making money online with heavy organic website traffic. The initial work involves signing up, creating a website, and then placing the code in your webpages. You will need to experiment with your website’s design and use traffic reporting tools to evaluate the most frequent landing pages coming from search engines and optimize those pages with Chitika.

Chitika Tools & Techniques

How does Chitika help me make money?To complicate the “Ease of Use” a bit, but to better optimize your website’s Chitika revenue, you’ll want to customize your ad block size, colors, and layout structure. Chitika Premium code can be placed practically anywhere and in any size. This is an ever evolving task as you find what placement works best to convert clicks. Chitika Linx can be customized by style and color, and there is a nifty tool to preview what your page would look like if used. This is great to identify if a specific page has the right keywords to generate relevant in content PPC links, and to see if it looks cosmetically ok. Chitika Whitespace is customizable, but not as easily as the Linx or Premium services. You’ll need to edit the parameters of the ad block in the code itself. It is pretty self explanatory for anyone even slightly familiar with web development. Chitika referrals can be deployed as a link wrapped however you wish, which leaves much open for creative conversions. Referral buttons of a few sizes are also available if that suits your needs.

Conclusion and Overall Chitika Rating

Editorial Chitika Review RatingChitika’s PPC and referral program is one of the more popular money making opportunities for web publishers. With 4 unique ways to monetize websites, a slightly different approach then the competition, collapsible blocks, search engine keyword targeting, coexistence with Adsense, publisher protections, and some residual income, Chitika is a contender in the PPC marketplace. It can easily supplement any and all online money making endeavors. Chitika receives an 8.3 from Chitika’s flexibility and diverse money making system is currently ideal for most web publishers. However, low traffic sites and those with little organic traffic from search engines will find it difficult to succeed.


Chitika Independent Reviews

Clickfire Review
"If your visitors are pouring over an article about MP3 audio technology, they won’t see an ad for cosmetics."

"PPC is very good, CTR is reported to be very low, even with high optimization on the positioning of the eMiniMalls and integration in the overal layout of the site, the CTR is much lower then AdSense."

T Jantunen
"Now comes the part what makes Chitika special. Chitika does not scan the content of the page to display relevant ads, they scan the search strings which were used to enter the website."

Blog Republic on Linx
"If you haven’t looked at the Chitika Linx program, I suggest you do."

Chitika vs Adsense
"(Although Chitika received) 1,800 more impressions...Adsense outperformed Chitika by a country mile and the latter network is unlikely to remain on the site for much longer."

Chitika with Adsense
"The search string is of course a lot more relevant than the whole content. That's a huge bonus, especially for video or flash sites where AdSense is unable to display relevant ads at all."

Self Made Minds
"The Linx (inline double underlined links) and RPU (Related Products at the end of each post) are my best performers and are also a fixed rate of $0.25 per click."

"Initially, I expected Chitika to be like the other ordinary CPC programs like Bidclix, Clicksor etc which paid fewww cents a click (something like $0.10 max). After implementing them and checking out the first day stats, I was amazed."

"My Chitika CPC is 30 percent higher than my AdSense CPC, which stunned me at first.  Now around 20 percent of my monthly revenue comes from Chitika."

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Chitika User Reviews

User Reviews are posted in the comments below.  You may post reviews anonymously, but to officially rate Chitika and receive contributor rewards, please register.

Discuss Chitika and other Pay Per Click programs

Chitika is nice

 Wow nice I have use Chitika and found it very useful in my site

Overall, I have been pleased

Overall, I have been pleased with Chitika versus some of the other CPC programs.  Adsense will pay you more overall, but if you view your own website too many times they will assume you are committing click fraud.  The great thing about Chitika is displaying relevant ads based on what customers are searching for.  The website is fairly new and if anybody has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

quality writing skill

I'm extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Either way keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a nice blog like this one these days..

Chitika and his nephew

Chitika and his nephew Lawrence Kaunda are charged with murder contrary to the Laws of Zambia.addicting games

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