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Constant Contact Reviews Constant Contact Claim: Building an opt-in email list is by far the best way to constantly connect to your customers, build relationships, and improve sales conversions. Constant Contact is a professional email marketing service with near 400,000 satisfied customers, including entrepreneurs, internet marketers, small businesses, associations, and non-profit organizations. Constant Contact provides the necessary tools to customize an unlimited amount of email marketing campaigns with over 400 editable and professional opt-in forms and email templates. Constant Contact also includes best practice webinars and tutorials, SPAM filter avoidance, unlimited coaching and support, real-time performance tracking, more than 60 online survey templates, and a robust survey building application to gain insight and feedback from your mailing list. In addition, Constant Contact provides event planning and marketing tools, such as online event registrations, secure event payment methods, detailed reporting information, event invitation distribution, reminders, event homepage hosting, and a public events calendar. Constant Contact utilizes an easy to use web based solution for all services and requires no technical expertise or additional software. Start building a list now with a free 60 day trial, and you will realize the true income potential of relationships and company branding with a compounding return on investment.


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Constant Contact, Inc.
Email Marketing Service
60 Day Free Trial, $15 per month to start
No Obligation, Cancel Anytime
8/10 initial post first impression rating.
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Independent Constant Contact Reviews
"There are few services that will make creating an effective email campaign easier. You really can’t go wrong using Constant Contact, the email designer is fun and easy-to-use, the wizards make the process painless and if you get stuck there is a plethora of tutorials and help available. However, we really want to see Constant Contact focus on more reporting features."
"Constant Contact is best for those companies or individuals that are looking for some additional features that the other companies don’t offer (best templates, multi-lingual templates, premium image hosting, email archiving, etc.) and are willing to pay a bit extra for them. Also, if you are looking for really professional templates, then Constant Contact is for you."

Michael Gray
"I looked at few solutions and decided on Constant Contact, because it seemed to offer the most features for the cheapest price...While Constant Contact is fairly time consuming to use, it is pretty throuough, despite some editing limitations..."
"Constant Contact provides real-time tracking services which monitor every intricate detail of your emails including clickthroughs, read and send receipts, unsubscribes, and new additions. They also boast above-average U.S. email inbox delivery, which guarantees a very high receipt rate."

Lahle Wolfe
"Constant Contact’s 60-day free trial period is more generous than many other providers. This gives you time to really decide if Constant Contact is the right email list service provider for your business. I like the ability to sign-up for the trial period without any contracts, commitments, or even having to register a credit card on file (as of 06/26/09)."
"To sum up, Constant Contact is a solid service. The highlights of their service are the templates, email editor, comprehensive training and great customer service. Their interface is probably the easiest to use out of the other ones out there, and it really makes the whole process painless. You’ll actually enjoy working with this interface and coming up with promotions, email designs and more."
"Even though the service is technically among the best, I cannot recommend Constant Contact, unless you can tolerate a sudden, non-appealable termination of your services. Constant Contact is very strict about spam complaints. Constant Contact allows only one spam report per 1000 addresses in your list. It doesn't take too many people having a bad day to get your list banned."

Partho, Gaea News Network
"Constant Contact could be a better choice for those individuals or companies that are looking for additional features. It edges over most email marketing services...Constant Contact can still boast of its 60 day free trial period. However, Constant Contact needs to improve upon its deliverability; working out a solution with leading ISPs and blacklists. They should also focus on reporting features."

Jerry West
"I moved to Constant Contact because my old provider was on too many blacklists. I was assured by the sales staff at CC that they were not on any, but they are. About 20% of our PAID subscriptions were blocked because of CC being blacklisted. They were never able to solve the problem."
"Make the decision to try Constant Contact. It can drastically benefit your business and customers. Their services are some of the best in the industry and customer reviews are outstanding. I pick Constant Contact as my top pick for online marketing and survey tools for business integration."
"Constant Contact is a well-known email marketing brand name that is best practice oriented. Constant Contact scores high on email creation, contact management, deliverability and customer support. Although they are the only provider to have industry benchmarks against which you can measure the performance of your campaign, the reporting interface lacks some features that many of the other services offer. Email sent using Constant Contact had a 100% deliverability rate to all major email servers that we tested."
"We really liked the fact that Constant Contact offers a free 60-day trial. While many of the email marketing services on the Web offer trials ranging from two weeks to a month, Constant Contact was the only one to offer a full 60 days without requiring a credit card up front. Sometimes it's hard to tell how well an email marketing service works in a month or less. Two months should give you a very good idea. Needless to say, Constant Contact isn't afraid to put its money where its mouth is."


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