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Your rating: None Average: 7 (2 votes) Reviews Doba Claim: Doba is a product sourcing marketplace or wholesale product aggregator and drop shipper that has been ranked one of the fastest growing privately held businesses for three straight years. Doba is basically a one stop shop that simplifies wholesale product discovery, product research, the ordering of products, and the shipping of products all while earning the entrepreneur or business owner a 35% - 75% profit margin without ever having to handle merchandise. With over 300 distributors and 1,500,000 products to choose from, Doba allows you to market and sell just about anything to anybody in any medium with just a computer. Doba is also one of 30 companies and the only drop shipper to be a certified as an eBay Service Provider. Therefore, online retail merchants and web entrepreneurs can use Doba’s integrated application to sell wholesale merchandise on eBay with a few simple clicks and you don’t even have to deal with the hassle and expense of storing products, managing inventory, packing and shipping products, or handling returns. Also, if you happen to be a distributor, manufacturer, wholesaler, or drop shipper, Doba can provide a large distribution and sales channel as members are typically online retailers, entrepreneurs, website owners, and online auction business owners. Try Doba now for 14 days free to at least see what we have to offer.


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Wholesale and Drop Shipping Web Service
14 Day FREE Trial, $59.95 per month
No Obligation, Cancel Anytime
7/10 initial post first impression rating.
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Independent Doba Reviews
"Now in order for it to make up for the low price its selling its goods, it is charging for the bids that are being placed, its as simple as that. Other bidders are basically paying for that item for one bidder to walk away with...its like a lottery system." blog
From Competitor Salehoo... "Doba claims an impressive 33%-75% profit margins on their stock – another reason why this directory appeals! However, I’d treat this figure with caution. While Doba undoubtedly has some good sources that will give you a high profit margin in this range, a more realistic figure for the majority would likely be around 10%-30%."
"Doba is not for everybody. If you are unwilling to do adequate product research in your online ventures, then you probably won’t make money with Doba. Therefore, while I’ve done an extensive Doba review, it is tough to say whether or not Doba is for you until you try it."
"If you are thinking about getting involved with a company who dropships, please be careful. If they don't have a free trail period, don't fall for it. If they do, use the full period to fully research the site, wholesale prices, dropshipping fees, shipping fees (which are different from dropshipping fees). Go to manufatures we-sites to verify MSRP's. "
"Doba is not a warehouse or wholesale directory. Doba is what is know as "a dropshipper and wholesaler aggregator". Doba is simply the middleperson between you and the wholesaler or drop shipper. Doba differs from other wholesale and drop shipping directories as all your dealings are directly with Doba. "
"Though Doba didn’t win every comparison we did among the reviewed companies, they won more than any other supplier and were consistently competitive every time. Will all of their products sell for a profit anywhere you choose to sell them? Absolutely not. Do they have a lot of products that can make you money? Most definitely."
"The bottom line: Doba is a great idea in theory, but its not so hot in practice – yet. With the monthly subscription fee and additional drop shipping fees, we’re not sure if it would really pay for itself unless you find some real gems amongst the hundreds of thousands of products that they do carry. "

Jim Johnson
"Doba offers a different kind of service that is totally different from all the other wholesale dropship sources. They are the eBay certified service provider and they claimed to have access to 1.2 million products in USA. What I love Doba the most is that they are integrated with eBay and you can list Doba product with their images and linked to their inventory. It is the best news for those who wants to start their online/eBay business straight away."
"Many believe that Doba is the perfect place for testing their products and the market to see if their products can actually sell. Doba also gives client a very effective avenue for supplementing the client’s present list of suppliers. Doba teaches clients that before people start investing lots of their time and source products directly from their suppliers, they should test the market and how strong it is first. Doba allows clients to do this with only a small amount of risk. "
"Doba will guarantee you the lowest wholesale price on all their internet drop shipments. They even guarantee that if you can find someone better, they will give you two free months use of Doba. Doba is different than many sites, because they allow you to buy in single units, whereas many other drop shippers will ship in bulk making it cheaper. "
"The only thing I didn't like was how everybody and their mothers was selling the same thing on E-bay which made it harder for me because of the competition. But other than that, I guess you just have to find other ways to promote Doba's products to actually make any sells. But I love their site and If I was good at promoting I'd definitely give it a try again! "

Matt Bredel
"Personally, I don't think that Doba is your long-term product sourcing solution for a given site or product. You do pay a premium in price for the convenience of the portal and the simplicity of drop shipping products. Still, that is also a reason why I love this Doba product. It is the perfect place to test products and test markets while it also provides a great avenue to supplementing your current supplier list."


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Doba's the best

I have once went into online retail shoppiing and I got Doba to be my shipping service. It was the best ally that I have! Now, after long months of hibernation, I would like to go into this business again and Doba will still be my drop ship company!


DO NOT USE DOBA!!!! On August 5th, 2011 I signed up for a free trial with Doba for 30 days. I was supposed to cancel before the trial was over so that I would not be charged the monthly fee. During my Trial, I received several phone calls from a gentleman trying to get me to comitt to doba's services but during our last conversation I told him that I did not want the services and he said that he would not renew the trial. I was under the impression that this was canceled. almost a month later, when I get my credit card statement I saw that I was charged 59.95. I called Doba and they said that they had not charged it that they tried but that the payment did not go through. I called my bank and verified the transaction on my statement and got them on the phone with doba. The lady indicated that I did not cancel since I had to call a specific number to cancel. I pretty much left it at that with the understanding that I would not be billed again and they sent me an email confirmation on 9/21/2011. I was surprised when I received my credit card bill to see another charge from them. They had not indicated when I spoke to them that there was another charge and the lady I spoke to told me that I had 2 accounts open with doba which is not accurate. I only signed up for one trial, the other email address did not belong to me and I was being charged for it. When I asked to speak to the manager, she said that he was busy and could not receive my call I asked for him to call me and she said he couldn't! BEWARE OF USING DOBA!


doba review

Doba has gained a good reputation and has some great reviews on the web for providing a sourcing directory specializing in drop shippers. But would the reality live up to the hype? I decided to find out and give it a review

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