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EZTrader Reviews EZTrader Claim: EZTrader has revolutionized the way binary options are traded on the internet by supplying its members with a simple, exciting, dynamic and highly profitable trading platform. EZTrader.com allows you to invest in Binary Options online and earn up to 81% returns with every investment. Binary options, also known as all-or-nothing options, are contracts which have only two possible outcomes, win or lose. Basically, you create a free account, deposit funds, receive up to an $850 sign on bonus, research a particular Stock or Forex currency, and make an educated guess as to if the value will go up or down. Regardless of how much the value has changed, if you bet in the right direction, your payout is roughly 81% of the amount betted. EZTrader provides a complete set of tools, such as live financial news, references to financial sites and a wide variety of tradable options to help optimize member decisions and reduce the risk of betting in the wrong direction. EZTrader also mitigates your losses with up to 15% of all incorrect bets being returned to you.


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"I had to bet with the money, if the rate is lets say: 124.23 and you click up you can bet that if in one hour when it closes (and gives results of outcome), that the rate will go higher than 124.23.  So even if its 124.24 (1 number different) you still win. The minimum is $30 to invest in each bet and you get 68% or more if you win. Its same for down a.k.a put, you just have to bet if the rate will go down."

"In the 6 months I traded, overall, I was never able to show that eztrader does anything unfairly, including several times when I was not sure about the expiration rate but received the official Nasdaq tick sheet from Reuters upon request, which I later verified with Reuters directly."

A Squidoo Lens
"There is a delay of about 2-3 seconds. The delay was put in place due to customers saying that they weren't able to get in on the trade at the strike price they would have liked."

Efren Brown
"When the option date and time is reached, you will see if you were wrong or right. If you were incorrect, you continue to get 5% or more at eztrader.com, and if you were right you win a fixed amount, maybe $100 or $1000 depending on the contract and the original investment."

Doug Anderson
"I cannot find any way to make the math work out in the investors favor....a win:loss ratio of 0.65-to-1 means you need to win your trades 61% of the time to break even. More if you want to profit."

"I was able to search around their website easily and make my decisions as to what trades to get involved in. The trade process is simple to use and I was able to get my bet in exactly where I wanted it with no lag."


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Ahmedabad Climate

I’ve been “trading” with EZ Trader for about 2 weeks and have doubled up during that time. I too have yet to withdraw but plan to do so the end of this week. If I have a problem withdrawing I wll certainly let you know.

Six month - Trader with - EZTrader.Com

 Hello !  My Fellow Entrepreneurs !  I have been trading with  ( EZTrader.Com ) for over 6-months now and, I love the simplicity and, user friendliness of the site.  Its really great !  I,ve invested over  ( $700.00 ) with this site and, have profited as much as  ( $200.00 - $300.00 ) in my  six-month period trading with them however, in my opinion this site is a gambling opportunity and, nothing more.  I have had trading sessions where I won  ( 8 out of 10 -trades ) but, I,ve had sessions where I,ve lost  ( 5 trades in a row ) so, please, if you decide to give it a try, get as much experience trading as possible and, always remember only gamble with money you can afford to lose.  I hope this helps !....... ESpirit55 

Be Careful of Eztrader and Binary Options Companies Like It!

After reviewing and wagering on Eztrader I discovered a disturbing trait which many Binary Options Companies have and that is they adjust the spread sometimes so large it is impossible to win. Most regulated companies use Rueters as their legitimate company for which the value of the asset is used. Whether it be currencies, stocks, indices or commodities the only way most binary options companies make their money is by altering the spread, which is the difference between the strike price and what they are offering it for. Many times I have seen the difference above 15 points which is absurd to say the least because it is putting the designated outcome in the favor of the options company and not you. For more info on Binary Options Trading visit my website at http://fair-honest-info.com

Won't be using them again

After making a nice sum of money from them (1700 on a 200 initial investment), its been a total hassle to get my money back.  Their emails say 3 business days and today is business day number 9 that I'm now waiting.  Every day I get one excuse after another about what the delay is.  I suspect that my earned moneies are gone and they do not have it at this point.  Live and learn.  At leat I did get my initial money back, but the other 1000 is lost I would think. 


Hi Richard.

I Have just signed up to EZ  but havent deposited any money.  Are you still having trouble getting cash out. If you are it doesnt matter how good the company is. That is totally out of order.


I will await your response before i go any further and look forward to your reply


Kind Regards      cyborgh

your eztrader review

Hey i just registered with eztrader. So I am now reading up on some reviews. I saw your review on moneystance . I was wondering if you ever got your money back ? and was the withdrawal process legit ?

My take ..ok..lets cut to the

My take ..ok..lets cut to the chase,,i have an account with them opened it with $100,,for a test  to see how it works and lost down to six dollars,,im a forex trader of currencies for 13yrs and if you dont have the experience of trading you are only gambling with an experation of an hour and 15mins of lock time ..the thing is you need math and time on your hands to be a successful trader, and if you only have an hour on an chart you are only limiting yourself only to loose ..with eztrader its on the half hour,,you better off learning forex trading and be a scalper trader and use tech indicaters wich you need to get in and out fast but you have the opputunity of controling the time yourself,,Or open three binary options account one with them another that has thier experation on the hour wich would be options fire,inwich they are regulated by the fsa,, and another thats every 15 and 45mins on the clock wich would be 24option binary options,,the stradegy would be use 1 curriency pair lets say eur/usd, you place a put on the hour if you think price is high and going to expire on the half hour,,because  in 15mins you are locked in and cant change a thing if price work against you and going the other way by the half hour  then you can make a call on 24options.com platform  for the 45mins place  the same pair  thier time is 5mins to experation and if its a trend then do 1 call on options fire for the hour thier lock time is 10mins to the `hour,,i find this system working but its to much work back and forth..the cons with eztrader though is thier site goes down sumtimes wen its time to place a trade typically if the trend is a little strong and you want to place a trade

Won't be using them again after today

Ok here we are today is  9 / 27/2011 everyone is thinking that the stock market is going up  in especial

After the Asian and   Euro  market went up and actually even if  it fell   short it went up put here goes

EZTRADER  don’t know why put at 9.40 am just after 5 minutes off trade the site went down and was down for almost 2 hour

Mmmmmmmmmmm they say it was a technical problem mmm just the biggest day of the week 

I not buy that I lost so much money because  this  As…….

 It is better site out there that not are going down on the best day and are more honest.

Even if i sent them an e-mail with the amount and quote and time i put the money up they still

tell me that it's no way to see that because the system went down ( PLEASE AS..... be more honest)

Stay away

 Ok so I'm gonna go ahead and share my experience of EZtrader.com My advice is: don't trade with them! Here's what happened to my withdrawal: 

1. firstly they lost the withdrawal form

2. then made me re-submit it

3. they lost that form too

4. made me re-submit another copy

5. finally after a month, half of the sum was in my bank account


However the other half was sent to an old inactive bank account I haven't used in a few months and EZtrader saw it fit to split the withdrawal without consulting me!


The old bank returned the money to EZtrader and I have since tried to contact them numerous times to try and get the remaining half of the money and they haven't responded at all!!!


You're much better off trading with Anyoption or with 24option. I have since traded through both platforms and withdrew copious amounts without any issues whatsoever.



do not use EZTRADER

I to tried EZtrader.  Do not use this company!  All trading and investing is gambling and risky.  That is not the point.  It is trying to withdraw your money.  I too was given the runaround.  Then I did a lot of investigation with the local FBI because I know the person and they contacted the SECC.  There is absolutely nothing you can do it is a scam and since you have no legal rights to get your money returned you have been scammed.  The people they will try and send you to lets see, Dean Campbell, Mark or Marlo in withdawals whatever, Carolina Gonzales yikes just pass on to the next which will be Daniel Remy.  They are all trained to end the conversation and not resolve any issues whatsover.  I have to give them that they are very good at that.  Let me know if anyone received an email back from Mr Campbell or Bryan Anderson with a y not a i.  They said to use a credit card to deposit money into their account but apparently they have problems putting money back into your account.  If you are foolish enough to use "Moneybrookers" after they tell you of this "technical" issue good luck.  And last but not least they definately can use your bank account.  Just to let you know they try and tell you the technical issue is with Internet providers not your cc.  The internet providers are "Allcharge" and Tranzila  yikes yikes yikes

Thank god I only did the minimum to research this company. 



Why Trade Binary Options

If you are looking for a site to see objective information about Binary Options and where you can find reliable Brokers, please visit tradeopus.com.


Here is a recent post from tradeopus.com:

Why Trade Binary Options?

In today’s financial markets, if someone wants to invest in an underlying asset, the investor has a few choices.  The first and simplest choice is that of purchasing the underlying asset through one of the financial markets.  This is the most capital intensive options as the investor must put up the money for the asset.  There is a second way to invest in the underlying asset and that is to buy or sell options that trade in financial markets.  This may be inconvenient and take time.  There is another avenue that exists to allow the investor to invest in the movement of stocks.  These are called Binary Options.

A Binary Option is a method of profiting from the movement in stocks without having to finance the purchase of that stock.  A Binary Option has two possible outcomes (thus binary).  The investor will either make a predetermined percentage profit or will lose the investment completely.  There are two basic forms of Binary Options.  There are “call options“, for the investor who anticipates that the underlying asset will move up, and “put options“, for the investor who thinks the underlying asset price will move lower.  Binary Options may be a risky investment tool, but they provide high reward. The clearest way to understand the value of a binary options trade is to compare it with a straight equity purchase and a conventional option trade.


  • We are trading stock / options in Disney (“DIS”)
  • At 2:00 PM DIS shares are trading at $39.00 a share.
  • A $100 investment will be used for these examples.

Stock Purchase:
With $100.00 you could by approximately 2.5 shares of DIS. You would own the stock at a base price of $39.00 as the stock rises you make money as it goes down you lose money.  The straight stock purchase has the least risk. The stock would have to go to $0 to lose your entire investment. You could also sell the stock at any point to minimize your loss. Of course to make 70% on your investment DIS would have to trade at $67.00. This could take a long period of time or may never happen at all.

Conventional Option Trade:
A short term call option with expiration date in 3 weeks and strike price of $39.00 costs about $1.00 per contract of 100 shares, so for $100 you could by 1 contract and control 100 shares for 3 weeks.  In the conventional option trade the stock would have to go up more than $1 in the 3 week period in order to generate profit. If the stock closes below $39 at the expiration date than you lose your $100.00 investment. In order to make the same 70% return the stock would have to trade at $40.70 at some point before the expiration date. Two factors mitigate the risk. The option itself is trade-able before the expiration date and you can exercise the option at any time before expiration.

Binary Option Trade:
The investor purchases a Binary Option Call at a spot price of $39.00. The option expires at 2:30 PM.  If DIS is trading above $39.00 at 2:30 you make $70 on the trade in minutes! If DIS is below $39.00 at 2:30 you lose your $100 investment.

The Binary Option trade carries the highest short term reward. A return of 70% on your investment in a half hour.  The trade off for this high reward is the risk of losing your $100 investment in the same period if the stock does not go above $39.00.

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