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Google Adsense Review As Rated by a EditorGoogle AdSense Claim: Web publishers can make money online by freely enrolling in the AdSense program and placing a bit of code on personal websites and other online mediums. AdSense automatically crawls the content of the web pages it resides on and presents relevant text, image, or video advertisements to the visitors of the website. AdSense members make money based on the number of clicks on an ad or in some cases the amount of impressions (visitor views).


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Editorial Google AdSense Review

Google Adsense Editorial Rating

 Overall Score...................9.3

Income Potential........9
Proximity to Claim.....10
Ease of Use...............10
Tools & Techniques....9

Pros: Widely utilized by advertisers, easy to use, multiple tools and features, void of overhype

Cons: Strict terms of service, low traffic niche sites suffer, no publisher protection


Google’s AdSense pay per click program is one of the most widely utilized and profitable income opportunities for web entrepreneurs. Almost any website that provides free information should include AdSense within their pages.  This AdSense review will describe how the income opportunity works, its money making potential, the proximity to advertised claim, legitimacy of the program, marketability of the products, the difficulty level of using the service, and some of the tools and techniques available to webmasters.


How AdSense Works

Google’s AdSense is the medium for which Google Adwords advertisers reach their target audience.  The webmaster simply copies a simple script into the html of their webpage and Google Adword advertisers will display their ads wherever the script is running. Dependant upon the advertisers keywords and the websites content, the ads displayed should be somewhat related to the webpage’s subject matter.  This is ideal due to the topic of interest to a website’s visitors and the method of payment…pay per click.

AdSense is a pay per click program, meaning every time a visitor clicks on an AdSense advertisement you receive anywhere from a few cents to a couple dollars.  The amount is dependant on the competition of advertisers seeking certain keywords.  For example, the search term “custom computers” would generate major competition and result in a better pay per click than say “kangaroo.”

Once your AdSense ads have earned at least $100 worth of clicks, you’ll be paid by check or Electronic Funds Transfer at the end of the month.


AdSense Income Potential

How much money can you make with Google Adsense?AdSense income potential is mainly dependant on traffic and the ability to get your visitors to click on the ads.  You can’t outright tell them to do it, nor can you click on them yourself, nor can you scheme a way for visitors click on the ads.  It should come down to optimal placement and a visitor’s genuine interest in the ad.   Therefore, with increased traffic there will be increased income. 

Due to AdSense policy, I can’t give real numbers, but for example, if a site receives 1,000 visitors a month and 5% click on the ads, it may average around $50 per month.  If in a year, the site is receiving 20,000 visitors a month, the income raises to near $1000 per month.  Factor in optimal integration of AdSense and 10% click on the ads.  This will bring your income to roughly $2,000 per month.  Improving your website’s traffic and optimizing your AdSense layout means more income for you.  The greatest part about the program is that it is not commission based; no one has to buy anything.  In essence, the advertiser just bought your visitor from you.

However, a downside to the AdSense system is with the lower traffic niche websites.  Creating a niche website on the internet is ideal, but having too focused of a topic may result in less traffic, less AdSense income, and less relevant advertisers.  You need to work hard to build up a high traffic website to profit highly with any pay per click program. On the other hand, you’ll have a completely targeted audience, and may be able to take better advantage of affiliate marketing programs.


AdSense Proximity to Claim

Is Google Honest?Google does not self hype the AdSense program and make the inflated claims that numerous other services do.  Many AdSense related products not associated with Google will exaggerate AdSense income to get you to buy their product.  Google itself does not offer any money making guarantee.  Your profits come from your own efforts and creativity.


AdSense Legitimacy

Is Google Adsense a scam?With Google being behind AdSense why would anyone question the legitimacy of the program?  Simple, the Terms of Service are so complex that many will have violated unintentionally and without knowing it. Google has a tendency to allow you to continue running advertisements against the TOS until you have earned enough to get paid.  At that point Google investigates the publisher and will ban your account and reclaim all your profits without explanation.  Getting another account or rejoining the AdSense program is near impossible and is a large burden that many web publishers face.  Read and understand the terms of service carefully, there are no second chances.

Google also offers no publisher protection against click fraud.  Click fraud is when a person or automated bot clicks on pay per click advertisements inflating the costs to advertisers and generating an enormous amount of clicks for the publisher.  Click fraud may occur at random, from a competing advertiser wishing to exhaust another advertisers AdSense budget, or from a competitor of your own site wishing to decrease your revenue by getting you banned from AdSense.  To protect Google’s advertisers, websites that have been victimized by click fraud usually have their account disabled.  It is just as difficult getting back into the program via click fraud as is from a TOS violation. 

Another note, communication with a Google representative about a disabled AdSense account and the resulting investigation is like spotting big foot in New York City.


AdSense Marketability

Is adsense marketable?Unlike affiliate programs where you are given a commission on selling another’s product, with AdSense you don’t have to sell or pitch anything.  The ads generated by the script will already have a small sales pitch written by the advertiser.  However, you may wish to market referral products in the page’s content, or perhaps offer a review of a service ad you have chosen.


AdSense Ease of Use

How easy is google adsense to use?AdSense is very simple to sign up for and use.  Basically, just go to your Google account, click on AdSense, the AdSense setup tab, AdSense for Content, choose the ad type, customize the colors, add any tracking name for the ad, and copy the code.  The wizard is very straight forward and provides enough tooltips through the “?” icons for anyone to figure out.

AdSense pay per click system is ideal for making money online.  The initial work involves signing up, creating a website, and then placing the code in your webpages. Once there, AdSense will continually scan your page’s content and display relevant ads.  If you change the content…no worries…AdSense changes the ads.

You can place banners, squares, skyscrapers, text links, and a variety of size ad blocks throughout your website.  Many persons will place AdSense squares at the top of each article, or other places deemed profitable.  You will need to experiment with your website’s design and use Google’s ad tracking feature to determine the best layout of your ads.


AdSense Tools & Techniques

How does Google help me sell Adsense?To complicate the “Ease of Use” a bit, but to better optimize your website’s AdSense revenue, you’ll want to try out some extra functions.  “AdSense for Content” is basically the type of advertising I’ve described thus far.  However, Google also offers AdSense for Search, Referrals, Video Units, and AdSense for Mobile

AdSense for Search is a Google search box that can be applied to your site.  Should a visitor wish to search your website or the web using this tool, they will be presented with the Adwords ads on the resulting search page.  If the ads are clicked, the same income applies.  You can also customize the search results page’s color and header to better fit the theme of your website.

Google Referrals allows you to choose by keyword, category, or product which ads you wish to get code for.  With referrals you can also refer persons to Google programs, such as AdSense, Adwords, Checkout, Apps, the internet Toolbar, or Google’s free Pack of goodies.

Video Units are a partnership with YouTube and function much like the AdSense for Content system.  You place code on your website and the video ads are displayed to your visitors. You can also customize the color theme and layout of the players to better suit your website.

AdSense for Mobile is basically how you take advantage of a mobile website’s revenue potential.  If you’re creating a mobile website using a mobile markup language, such as XHTML, WML, or CHTML you’ll find Google’s AdSense for Mobile code ideal for monetizing.

Google AdSense scripts can be included practically anywhere. Many AdSense gurus suggest hiding the advertisements by letting them represent links within your site.  Once you get the click, you get paid.  It is sort of an underhanded technique, but effective in receiving clicks.  However, don’t overexploit this tactic as it will detract from your visitor’s pleasurable experience.  Maybe try an unobtrusive skyscraper or banner ad that could reveal a link visitors may be genuinely interested in.  You might not receive as many clicks as hidden ads, but at least your being honest to your visitor and presenting ads as they are.


Conclusion and Overall AdSense Score

Google Adsense Review ConclusionGoogle is the leading search engine of the internet to date.  Their advertising programs are the most utilized of all ecommerce. There is no reason not to join the AdSense program.  It can easily supplement any and all online money making endeavors.  AdSense receives a 9.3 from me.  AdSense’s flexibility and easy money making system is currently unbeatable.   However, low traffic sites and those attempting to skirt the AdSense terms of use will find it difficult to succeed.


Independent Google AdSense Reviews

Google's AdSense is a bonanza for some Web sites
"This is a program that rewards people not for creating the best content, but for how to create sites to attract more advertising," says Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Watch online newsletter."

PublisherSpot Adsense Review
"A very user friendly ad network that is simple to set up and run for even new site owners."

Search Marketing Adsense Review

"Generally AdSense is for larger content websites. If your site is purely commercial in nature it is harder to get accepted to AdSense."

Review of Google Adsense on

" control over what campaigns are served to your visitors."

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User Google AdSense Reviews

User Reviews are posted in the comments below.  You may post reviews anonymously, but to officially rate AdSense and receive contributor rewards, please register.

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Disappointed with Adsense


I know Adsense is the be all end all PPC program out there, but I’m upset how quickly they ban you without cause of your own. The editor is right in that they don’t have much for publisher protections. One of my sites was victim of click fraud well over a year ago and after sending Google all of my server’s log files, they still banned me. I’ve appealed their decision 3 times with pages and pages of convincing argument, but I never even received a response. I’ve since moved on to other PPC programs and installed a click fraud prevention script. I just wish Google would allow me to resubscribe to Adsense now that I’ve taken further measures to protect myself. I can’t score Google high cause they can just ban you, take your money, and that’s the end of it. Maybe if there was a 1 year banning and then you may join the program again, I would score higher, but that is not the case.

Best Option for Publishers


 Overall Score...................9

  1. Revenue obtained........9
  2. Legitimacy...................9
  3. Ease of Use...............9
  4. Countering Illegal activities.....10
  5. Hints to maximize revenue....8

Pros: Best, Trusted and reliable system, Enhanced protection to advertisers, Easy to use guidelines, Multiple source of publishing ads, All kind of Fraud Prrof program.

Cons: More importance given to advertisers than publishers, Very much Strict on publisher, Minute mistake can result in permanent Ban, No way to check %ageobtained out of advertisers payments.

Google adsense provides slow and steady revenue from websites, converting traffic into U.S. Dollars via Click Through Rate. It manages all the minute details of Getting advertisers, Selecting the relevant ads, posting and updating the ads, setting the Prices, tracking the click throughs and calculating the banner impressions, Making payouts and Keeping a CHECK on Improper and Illegal Forced Clicking to provide protection to advertisers.

It provides not only TEXT ads, but also banner ads as well as INLINE ads. Easily moulded as per the publishers provided space. So they have multiple Layouts and Formats which can be selected as per the convenience of publisher. They allow us to keep multiple frames of "Ads By Google" on single website, provided for every part of the website.

Best prat of it is its distribution is widest over internet and its provided by the MOST POWERFUL search engine company, GOOGLE, which has high level of TRUST among internet users. People check sponsored listing by google due to this TRUST factor. They provide highly targeted ads depending on the content of the site, so there are lot more chances of getting Clicks on Ads, as they provide Ads with the same interest of visitors to the published site.

There are more than 150,000 advertisers working with ADWORDS, so there isn't any worry about interruption in service for ADSENSE due to lack of advertising sites. They manage Click through Rates so well, that even minute details can be tracked and you can remove ads from a particular section if CTR goes way too low. Later Re-publishing Ads provide initial good amount of CTR, that implies more revenue.

When we talk about targetted Ads on website, we must pay attention on their system, how they target ads depending on the site's content. They use GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE  RANKING TECHNOLOGY, Page Ranking. Thus provides effective targetted Ads depending on the keywords used in content. So, if we want to change the low revenue yielding Ads, we can edit site contents for keywords which are Higher paying Revenue Ads.

Its Feature of Blending ads in the website make it very useful to implement of Website Directories, which result in higher CTR, thus more revenue.

They do take strict actions against suspected people who try to cheat advertisers. Most of people think it as Cons, But this is the best method to stop "Weak Hearted Cheater" to do fraudulent work for the fear of getting banned. Being strict is always good as it decreases 50% of CRIME rates just because of their ACTIONS against fraud.

Though Competition for PPC system has increased significantly but still Google Network is the most strongest due to their brand equity and credibility.

We dont get chance to check out wether we are getting satisfactory %age of money which advertiser is paying per click, but this is what, where TRUST factor from GOOGLE NETWORK comes into play.



nice work

 great content learn lots about online earning programs

good program, if they pay you

 I agree with your post and the other first comment.  I just wrote a review of adsense here:

With some hints on how to get another account if you are banned.  I was wondering if the writer of this blog had a suggestion for a better alternative?

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