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Guidant Financial Group Reviews Guidant Financial Group's Claim: Guidant Financial Group, Inc. was founded in 2003 and has become a leader of innovative small business financing as well as earning national excellence awards from the Inc500 and U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Guidant Financial assists in purchasing or funding alternative investments inside retirement accounts without incurring tax penalties. Instead of searching for traditional small business, franchise, or entrepreneurial financing, Guidant’s iFinance allows you to utilize up to 100% of your IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Keoghs, SEPs, etc… to fund other business ventures by lowering overhead, reducing debt, improving credit, saving on loan interest, and securing considerable tax benefits. This opportunity is for a free CD and Info Packet that will show you how to leverage your retirement accounts to fund your entrepreneurial endeavors with no significant drawbacks. at a Glance


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Guidant Financial Group, Inc.
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"Guidant Financial Group has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 03/01/2004. The BBB has processed a total of 3 complaints about Guidant Financial Group Inc in the last 36 months. Of the total of 3 complaints closed in 36 months, 2 were closed in the last year."
"we have found that Guidant customers are a very savvy group. In fact, almost 80% of Guidant clients have completed college, and more than 25% have an MBA or doctorate. Furthermore - and this is the kicker - 85% of Guidant clients have a credit score above 700."
Guidant Financial "will totally make you re-think what you thought you knew about investing. These people were incredible. I had no idea I could have so much flexibility and control over my retirement funds to make purchses in real estate, foreclosures, hard $ lending or whatever else i feel like trying. I'm currently doing real estate invesments with my IRA funds and already getting a much better return then when I had the $ in the stock market. Not to mention having a lot more fun! Highly recommended!"
"This site is excellent if you are looking to use your retirement funds for investments outside of the stock market. They offer self directed IRA's and the ability to use your IRA funds to purchase a business or franchise. This site has helped me a lot in my decision to get more control of my retirement funds."


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Discuss Starting a Business


Is Guidant self-directed IRA right for me.

My situation is that I have the bulk of my retirement in a TIAA-CREF account, but I have an additional ~$90k in a couple of 401k's and an IRA. I am contemplating using this $90k in a self-directed IRA to buy a foreclosure, then fix it up and then rent it. Has anyone out there done this? Does this make sense in these days with the market so volitle? I live in northern Colorado and the rental market is very good.  Any thoughts?


Guidant dropped me off a cliff

I would never reccomend Guidant financial Services for your Real Estate IRA. They took my money to set up the account and then dropped the ball when it came to the custodianship of my account. Long story, but don't use them. They do not follow up and drop the ball on your account.

Financial Support through Guidant Financial Group

 I wanna try applying for a financial support through Guidant Financial Group, but I have this bad credit on my credit score. Will they accept that thing? I've gone through other financial institutions and some did say that they are willing to provide loan for bad credit but they will be adding high interest on it. I wanna hear from you.

They want more and more

In my case...Guidant was very professional and quick to get my money.   About $4600 to start.   I heard nothing for 2 weeks while they state that the whole process takes less than 21 days.   At the end of this 2 week period, I went out of town to visit my business (that I was going to purchase) with 401K money.   While I was gone, I had my cell phone and my laptop for daily e-mail checks.   I heard nothing so I called them first thing when I got back...When I reached them they informed my that they had called me every day for a week.  Which was true, they did call my home phone # every day of the third week.   When I asked them why they didn't try to reach me via e-mail or my cell phone (both of which they had) I was told by a rather snotty little twit named Joe that its not their (Guidant's) fault that I don't answer my phone.   Very professional....Right????

Almost immediately, Guidant sucked another $250 dollars out of me because I didn't live in South Carolina yet they would have to pay an attorney to represent me before I got there.    Then...After I moved my money into a 401K plan trust and I was ready to fund my business.  They needed another $250 to pay for another miscellaneous lawyer fee.   They held all of my legal documents and their attorney basically at ransom until I paid this money.   So basically, I was over a barrel.   My funds were depleted...I wanted to fight them but its much easier to pay the $250 because you must get your business underway.  Which is what I eventually did.  

Be very cautious before dealing with these Jackals.   The initial upfront fee will more than likely not be the last money you pay them.

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