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LocalMobileMonopoly.com Reviews Local Mobile Monopoly's Claim: Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan have taken mobile marketing and turned it into a work from home opportunity for entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor of providing text messaging campaigns to businesses in your local community. With very few competitors in this market and over 100 million local businesses to pursue as clients, the income potential is enormous. Mary Wilhite of Atlanta Georgia signed up 185 local businesses and generates over $30,000 per month using the business model of Local Mobile Monopoly. Adam will teach you how to find clients without going door to door, fill the advertising gap of local business owners, create text messaging campaigns that local businesses can afford, and convince and demonstrate to business owners that you can directly connect them with real customers and bring buyers in the door. 97% of text messages get read and one in five get forwarded to friends. Imagine the impact to business profits of a special offer being texted to thousands of geotargeted and relevant customers. You can be the entrepreneur that delivers this kind of results and your reputation will develop and bring in more customers willing to throw money at you. Adam and Tim are also offering a few bonuses with Local Mobile Monopoly that are available for a limited time including, a Marketing Package which includes ready to print postcards, fliers, and a Special Report to send to prospective clients, and also a free professionally designed and hosted webpage on Mobilehelpers.com certifying you as a text message campaign expert and connecting you with local businesses. Act now and become the mobile marketing entrepreneur in your area before someone else does.


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"Local Mobile Monopoly is a complete business in a box providing all the training you will need as well as letters and templates etc. If you are serious about marketing and want a real solution to setting up your own business then I recommend that you get a copy of this course. The material is clear and easy to understand as well as each module having its own quiz to make sure you have understood the training. "

"This may not sound like much, but when you find out that this website is actually tied to a main website called mobilehelpers.com this becomes a much more interesting proposition. In fact, anyone who comes to mobilehelpers.com and wanted to find a mobile marketing expert in their region or local area will find your name and website pop up if you’re in the area they were searching for. You would be shown as a local representative for ‘mobi-helpers’ which gives you instant recognition, a big brand backing and instant kudos all because of your membership to local mobile monopoly. This would boost your conversion rates quite dramatically not to mention you could show this website to potential clients and businesses that you may visit personally yourself."

"COMPLETE! I don’t think there is anything else I need to say about the course. Honestly guys it’s hard to find anything negative to say about Local Mobile Monopoly. The only thing I would say that it is short of is the methods of promotion the Yeptext technology. The guys only went over some breif strategies on how to spread the word but you may find that it will take a lot more effort in that aspect. Overall though I am pretty pleased with this course and I give it two thumbs up. I feel very confident recommending this course to even my mother! Adam and Tim really took the time out to make this a great product and I know you’ll love it"

"I purchased this program and am ready to ask for a refund...I've had to re-register 3 times so far and still having problems logging in to create the "mobile helpers" page!! Plus, they have my info. on their search page for "mobile helpers in your area" under what appears to be some sort of a fake name...I have been able to get thru on their support phone # with somewhat of wait but not too bad. They keep telling me that they are having problems with the log ins and that they will delete my previous registration info and to re-register - this does not work!!! Each time I try to re-register, I keep getting that my info has already been registered so I guess their "deleting" isn't working either...Some of the info is good, but not good enough for me to keep...Getting any results by having your name on his "directory of mobile helpers" is probably going to be rather limited and questionable. Obviously, I'm not too happy with this right now!"

"Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan created Local Mobile Monopoly. Adam is a young, successful entrepreneur who has done some really amazing things online. He has an impressive online presence. He creates products that are not a rehash of other people's products. The ones he has created are very interesting and his sale's page grabs the readers attention. You can research his name online and you will find a lot of positive feedback and see everything he has created."

"I'm going to be up front here. I'm not a big fan of Adam Horwitz's style of marketing. And one of his other products – Mobile Monopoly – got quite a bit of negative feedback. However…the more I look into Local Mobile Marketing the more I am seeing the same massive opportunity for those who want to profit from the trend. I've talked to Shawn Swinigan of the Front Door Media Group and he has researched the Local Mobile Monopoly product and opportunity. Front Door Media Group works with several local businesses in various markets. Shawn has said that the core Local Mobile Monopoly product is a good introduction, however he also said…You do NOT need the upsells...there are BETTER alternatives to YepText...there are better alternatives to the mobile site builder discussed in Local Mobile Monopoly."


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I find it interesting

seems to me a stroke of marketing genius, power use mobile phones to reach thousands and perhaps millions of people who may be interested in a product or service. Personally I'm in the business of a tourist guide in my Peruvian Amazon. It would be nice to send a text message to thousands of people who are interested in tourism in my country, my question is if this program provides the opportunity to target potential customers or users. Does anyone have any idea? thank you very much in advance.

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Honestly, LMM is a very good mobile marketing tool that is very thorough and comprehensive.  It offers its members branding for their own purposes, which can be used (from a business perspective) to increase business growth in clientele and the overall image.  However, LMM is somewhat lacking in mobile text technology, but is by no means bad.  Altogether, I think LMM is a great mobile marketing venture that can help individual and business ventures alike to increase their presence and their growth and success for the future.


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