oDesk Reviews

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oDesk.com Reviews oDesk Claim: oDesk connects businesses and entrepreneurs with freelance contractors, including over 90,000 small businesses and 400,000 online freelance providers. oDesk is the only service to guarantee that an hour billed is an hour worked and that an hour worked is an hour paid. Each month, thousands of companies post online jobs that represent more than $65,000,000 in payroll. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of top-notch professionals offer their services through oDesk, including web developers, software programmers, graphic designers, writers, customer service representatives, marketers, virtual assistants, and just about any work that can be done remotely. This is a win-win for both outsourcing work and those looking for a legit work from home solution online. Whether hourly or fixed price, oDesk jobs average around $5,000 upon completion. oDesk freelancers enjoy working from anywhere, affordable group healthcare plans, retirement 401(k), hands off invoicing and tax collection, setting an hourly rate based on skills and experience, tracking of time worked, identifying your available hours, building reputation for higher paying jobs, online skills testing, and payments guaranteed. Hiring entrepreneurs and businesses can take advantage of a remote workforce, IM chat interviews, in-depth resume like profiles, freelance feedback scores and work history, competitive rates, hands free payroll, work diaries and screenshots, NDA handling, project management features, and no fee job postings. oDesk’s free marketplace for businesses, and workplace for freelancers is changing the way the world works.

RealtyTrac Reviews

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RealtyTrac.com Reviews RealtyTrac Claim: RealtyTrac is the most trusted and leading online foreclosure marketplace and real estate investing website providing a one stop shop for home buyers, investors and real estate agents looking to locate, evaluate and buy bargain properties below market value. RealtyTrac publishes over 1.5 Million foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, properties in default, short sale foreclosure, foreclosure auction, bank foreclosure, and deed in lieu of foreclosure property listings in nearly 2,500 counties, and is the foreclosure data provider to Yahoo Real Estate and The Wall Street Journal’s Real Estate Journal. In addition, RealtyTrac provides tools and resources including help to analyze and buy distressed properties, loan history, comparable sales, cost to restore estimates, owner contact information, daily email alerts and property updates, easy financing, monthly and quarterly foreclosure rates, and even assistance for those facing foreclosure. RealtyTrac also offers an extensive knowledgebase and learning center with videos and articles cover topics from “How foreclosure works” to “How to stop or avoid foreclosure” and even simple home improvement videos, such as “How to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.” If you are in anyway interested or involved with foreclosures, RealtyTrac is your ideal resource.

ShoeMoney System Reviews

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ShoeMoney System 2.0 Reviews ShoeMoney System 2.0 Claim: Online millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker has created a video training program called the ShoeMoney System that answers the question, “How to Make Money Online.” Instead of just talking about internet marketing or exploring theories on how to make money online, Jeremy actually shows you step by step just about every way to earn income on the internet and how to be successful at it. The core of the ShoeMoney System is over 300 full length high quality training videos which actually show you Jeremy’s screen as he walks you through each process. Some of the topics included in the videos are: How to identify niche markets that are profitable; How to find and profit from opportunities that others are missing out on; How to crush your competitors; How to select keywords that people are searching for; Everything you need to know to start promoting affiliate products; How to build a website with zero experience; How to search engine optimize your websites; How to use arbitrage, such as buying products low on one auction site and selling them for higher on another; How to use social media to spread your brand; How to legally protect your website and content; How to earn more with each click and not over spend your PPC budget; How to network with others, find long term partners, and utilize them to launch your own product. Also included with the ShoeMoney System are: interviews and tips from people at Google, Facebook, SponsoredTweets and all major affiliate networks; thousands of dollars in advertising coupons for networks, such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Azoogle; a collection of hand picked third party tools; a progress tracker; your video library; niche ideas, top converting keywords, website templates, and related banners; podcasts and mp3 files of every single talk, presentation, and interview Jeremy has ever given; and bi-weekly live coaching webinars with Jeremy. The ShoeMoney System 2.0 offers all this content immediately online and will deliver all the video modules to you on 14 DVDs. This program will elevate novice and advanced online money makers into full-time internet entrepreneurs.

Camera Career Reviews

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Camera Career Reviews Camera Career Claim: Camera Career is the ultimate resource for home based freelance photographers. With a digital camera and internet access, you can make money shooting images for a stock collection of photos which earns $1 every time one of your pictures is downloaded, 1000s of times over. You can also be hired on a freelance contract with large corporations that pay per assignment. In addition, there are many opportunities to take photos for magazines and travel publications which could net $500 for a cover shot. At any given time webmasters, authors, and businesses are actively searching for good photos to illustrate their websites, ebooks, ezines, brochures, newsletters, and other publications. Camera Career provides the necessary guidance and tools to effectively make freelance photography a profitable home based career. Included in the Camera Career package is; consumer guidance on buying a digital camera, where to sell stock photography and detailed explanations of the process, how to find and get paid on assignment, the art of taking great selling photos, what types of shots are in demand, how to earn residual income from your collection, how to create your own website to sell photos yourself or show off your portfolio, how to sell large prints for bigger profits, how to convert your images into other products, how to determine which photos outperform others, an up to date list of the 30 best websites to sell your photos, a detailed explanation of photo licensing, 350 magazine markets for freelance photographers, 4 free photography software applications for editing and format conversions, a glossary of digital photography terms, related news and other resources. Everything you need to become a successful freelance photographer can be found within the Camera Career package.

Resell Rights Weekly Reviews

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Resell Rights Weekly Reviews Resell Rights Weekly Claim: Mark Austin has created a free membership site containing hundreds of dollars worth of digital products with Private Label Rights (PLR) and Resale Rights (RR) that may be resold for 100% profit. By freely joining Resell Rights Weekly (RRW), you'll have instant access to over 256 fresh and new PLR / RR digital products with 2 new products added every week, over 330 free marketing tools, over 10,740 PLR articles in 320 different niches, and access to the special Members Forum where you can interact with other members and access detailed reports on how to make money with PLR / RR products. The PLR / RR products include software, ebooks, new info products, program scripts, audios, videos, templates, graphics, articles, and new niche products. Most of these products sell anywhere from $27 on up to $197. Resell Rights Weekly will help you achieve those sales figures by providing a turn-key marketing kit for each product including a professionally designed website, download page, graphics, and sales letter. You may also use the products in other venues, such as creating an ebook, content for a website or blog, publishing a newsletter, rewriting for article marketing, promotions for other products, free giveaways for contests, opt-in bait for email list building, or repackaging it anyway you wish. In addition to the products, a free Resell Rights Weekly membership also provides access to a number of tools, including FTP software, office suite applications, image editing software, video editing software, audio recording and editing software, video and screen capture software, SEO tools, keyword research tools, HTML editor, PDF tools, and much more. Stop paying for Private Label and Resale Rights, join Resell Rights Weekly and get them for free.

EZTrader Reviews

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EZTrader Reviews EZTrader Claim: EZTrader has revolutionized the way binary options are traded on the internet by supplying its members with a simple, exciting, dynamic and highly profitable trading platform. EZTrader.com allows you to invest in Binary Options online and earn up to 81% returns with every investment. Binary options, also known as all-or-nothing options, are contracts which have only two possible outcomes, win or lose. Basically, you create a free account, deposit funds, receive up to an $850 sign on bonus, research a particular Stock or Forex currency, and make an educated guess as to if the value will go up or down. Regardless of how much the value has changed, if you bet in the right direction, your payout is roughly 81% of the amount betted. EZTrader provides a complete set of tools, such as live financial news, references to financial sites and a wide variety of tradable options to help optimize member decisions and reduce the risk of betting in the wrong direction. EZTrader also mitigates your losses with up to 15% of all incorrect bets being returned to you.

PepperJam Network Reviews

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PepperJam Network Reviews PepperJam's Claim: Founded in 1999, Pepperjam has been a pioneer of affiliate marketing, and has grown to become one of the largest, most highly respected and connected full service Internet marketing company in the industry. On Pepperjam Network, an affiliate marketing publisher works with select merchant advertisers on an agreed upon pay-for-performance basis. Publishers only get paid, and advertisers only pay, when the publisher initiates a transaction, such as commission on a purchase, by providing leads (CPA), click throughs (PPC), or impressions (CPM). Pepperjam Network’s 3rd party solution provides publishers and advertisers with affiliate tracking, reporting, payment technologies, creative advertising, consultations, a user-friendly Web 2.0 interface, communication tools, an educational resource center, unfettered affiliate transparency, and much more. The Pepperjam Network represents the next generation of Affiliate Marketing, such as Pepperjam Ads™, which is a first ever affiliate marketing widget that enables affiliates to deliver contextual advertisements that include marketing messages that you can create and manipulate in real-time to test and refine messages changes; and Pepperjam Mobile, which is the first US marketing program powered by M3 Mobile Marketing to integrate affiliate and mobile marketing into one program. PepperJam also allows you to make up to five blog posts per month about the Pepperjam Network for $10 a piece. Join Pepperjam network for free and being earning money taking advantage of the fastest growing affiliate marketing channels and technology of today.

Snag A Job Reviews

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SnagaJob Reviews Snag a Job's Claim: SnagAJob.com is the number one source for hourly employment. They connect businesses needing hourly employees with qualified hourly job seekers. Snag A Job has over 19 million registered job seekers which have access to open hourly paid positions for larger and smaller companies in your area, such as department stores, movie theatres, coffee shops, and much more. SnagAJob.com varies from the career professional sites in that most of the positions are hourly based rather than salary. Forget about newspaper listings, calling hundreds of local businesses, driving around filling out numerous applications, or searching online career portals. If you need or want an hourly paid job ranging anywhere from management to clerical positions, then Snag A Job is the perfect resource for you. You can post a resume for upper management candidates and also receive ideal job alerts via email. Join for free, answer 13 assessment questions, complete your profile, and apply to the jobs that interest you. You should hear back from employers within 10 days. It’s that simple.

Charrissa Cawley’s Real Estate Power Investor Reviews

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Charrissa Cawley’s Real Estate Power Investor Reviews Real Estate Power Investor's Claim: Charrissa Cawley has developed a comprehensive Real Estate Investors Course based on her extremely successful track record. Charrissa made over 2 million dollars in the first year following the blueprints provided within the 10 modules of the REPI program. It does not matter what your experience level or background is in real estate, the information that is in this course has the power to dramatically change your life and allow you to become self employed with only 2 hours of real work a day. The Real Estate Power Investors Course is a turn-key system, where in just 30 days, you can become a skilled real estate investor without ever having to be on location for deals. The 10 multimedia modules cover just about every aspect of real estate investing, such as: Hiring a $5/hour virtual assistant to do most of the work for you; Locating the perfect investment properties; Conducting property searches and analysis; Hiring a good inspector so you can invest from 2,000 miles away; A mathematical formula for determining an offer price; Top Real Estate Agent’s negotiating techniques; The best ways to protect yourself from bad property; Earning thousands of dollars by wholesaling investment property; Shaving down the costs of rehab; Determining after repair values; Hiring Appraisers; Refinancing and cashing out; The best exit strategies; Exclusive Real Estate Resources; and the Real Estate Home Values Analyzer. Learn from Charrissa, do it yourself, and bank big returns.

The Definitive Guide to Homeshoring and Telecommuting Jobs Reviews

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The Definitive Guide to Homeshoring and Telecommuting Jobs Reviews The Definitive Guide to Homeshoring and Telecommuting Jobs Claim: Don’t bother searching Google for “work at home jobs”, you will be scammed. The actual telecommuting positions that legitimate companies hire for has nothing to do with working at home. The Definitive Guide to Homeshoring and Telecommuting Jobs contains 200+ Better Business Bureau registered companies that hire remote employees. Each listing goes into detail about the job description, what the employer requires, salary information, and where & how to apply. These are real legitimate companies that are looking for real employees where you will be getting paid by the hour. No vague internet business systems or schemes involving advertising, selling, or recruiting. There are literally hundreds of jobs that can be done from home, such as Appointment Setter, Caption Writer, Customer Service Rep, Home Based Receptionist, IT Support Staff, Maintenance Dispatcher, Remote Help Desk Consultant, Real Data Entry Work, Telephone Shopper, Translator, Travel Reservation Specialist, or Virtual Assistant to name a few. Don’t let your working from home dreams be burned by misleading, deceiving, and downright illegal scams. Read “The Definitive Guide to Homeshoring and Telecommuting Jobs” to get the real deal. You will also be notified of any updates or additions to the Guide at absolutely no extra costs.

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