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Only 4 Gamers Reviews Only4Gamers Claim: If you love playing video games, becoming a game tester is one of the best ways to make money while enjoying your hobby. Depending on experience, typical game testers make between $10 and $50 an hour. Even starting out at $20 an hour, you will net $800 a week, $3,467 a month, $41,600 a year. Becoming a reputable video game tester has so many perks, such as getting paid to play games, playing new games for free, receiving exclusive pre-releases, working from home, having a steady job, and making a living doing something you enjoy. Only4Gamers has cracked the code on landing a video game testing job with numerous high-tech development studios. Created by Aaron Johnson, Only4Gamers provides daily job offers, a list of over 120 companies constantly seeking game testers, a step by step process to go from newbie to hired, various ways to get experience and increase your hourly wage, how to score the highest paying jobs, the top 4 qualifications gaming companies look for, 5 things never to say to a gaming company, how to increase your reputation in order to make $90 an hour, 4 warning signs of game testing scams, 8 ecourses on what is required of a game tester, and other informative tid bits from years of experience. Give Only4Gamers a try with no risk for 8 weeks and if you don’t make $10-$30 per hour on your first day, you will receive a full refund.


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"I have to say that I’m very impressed with Only4Gamers with the quality of its products and the continually updated job vacancy listings that are available to you online, 24 hours a day. You certainly get excellent value for money with a lifetime membership to the members area. My only concern is that Aaron will soon turn the site into a monthly membership due to its popularity and success."

Ryan Rigney
"I personally got a job within 30 days (mind you I wasn't putting in a lot of effort), and actually got the chance to test Grandtheft auto IV for Rockstar games before it was even released! (I was very excited)"
"This site comes with an eBook and several courses for you to use in PDF format with tips to get that job you always hoped for. Also with this site, you have chances to win gaming consoles like a PS3, an Xbox 360, and a Wii just to name a few. So to put this in simple terms this site DOES work and is LEGIT I recommend this to anyone."

Kevin Bryant
"Subscribing to this website will allow you to learn what it takes to become a beta tester and they will also help you find a video game development company that will hire you. Talk about precious help from your learning stage to the time that you are ready to join video game development companies."

"On the front page you'll see it say right away you can make up to $90/hour. COME ON! Give me a break. But before i did research i actually belived that non-sence. After you give them your email and name and such you go in and at the top it tells you you'll make thousands of dollars a month! I got excited. But trust me, you'll never make that much a month."

"Only4Gamers is legit in the sense that they provide what they say they do: education on how to become a game tester, and an up to date list of video game tester jobs. Of the game testing websites out there they are one of the more reputable."

"No physical location. All you get is an email. No phone number, address, real name, nothing to figure out who this really is. If theres no physical location where you can walk up to and talk to a real person, it's probably a scam. I also checked the whois database to see who the website is registered to. This information is hidden as well."


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This is bullshit. This

This is bullshit. This doens't work don't fall for this scam. 

For what few items I have

For what few items I have found on this, providing you want to sift through the 2.5 million posts on aaron johnson (could you pick a more generic name)? Nothing seems positive about this product..

I have a friend who luckily got into beta testing, he makes little to nothing, and has been trying to get me in for nearly 2 years.. I have been playing games for nearly 22 years, right from activision, to colleco to attari, nintendo in 88' to presently PS3 and WII, I own nearly a dozen consoles and have spent countless hours playing 1000's of games, I find it hard to believe if I spend 50$ all my years of applying directly to every company I come across will magically be fullfilled...

Stay away, this is BS...

I think anyone expecting to

I think anyone expecting to be handed a job on a plate is going to be disappointed. The site simply coaches you on how to find a job, how to apply, and what to expect at the interview, and more importantly what to expect from the job. I write about life as a tester on my video game tester blog, and get countless emails from guys who just want to be given a job. Unfortunately, nothing is that simple in life! Only 4 gamers gives a good summary and is a great starting point for would be games testers.

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