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Resume Rabbit Review RatingResume Rabbit Reviews Resume Rabbit Claim: Resume Rabbit is a resume posting service that will save you 60 hours of data entry by posting your resume in up to 89 of the top job sites, such as Monster, Yahoo, CareerBuilder, Dice, HotJobs, and more. To maximize your job opportunities, we set up accounts on all the top job banks for you, we also set up job agents, which are little search engines that match your resume to job listings and then email you employment opportunities. Why waste hours searching the career sites everyday when the right jobs can be delivered to you without lifting a finger? With Resume Rabbit you’ll also receive a link list of where your resumes were posted, auto logins for each job site, and the status of your resumes. 1.5 million employers & recruiters search these job sites daily for resumes, you should be on all of them.


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eDirect Publishing, Inc.
Resume Posting Service
Average ($50 - $100)
100% Money Back if not completed in 72 hrs
9.2 Overall Editorial Rating

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Editorial Resume Rabbit Review

Resume Rabbit Editorial Rating

 Overall Score...................9.2

Proximity to Claim..............9
Cost to Service Ratio.........8
Ease of Use.......................10
Security & Confidentiality....9

Pros: A real time saver, submission to many sites, virus and spam protection, great for centralized job searching campaign

Cons: Difficult for employer targeting, doesn’t fit for "I’ll take any type of job", probably largely automated and prone to misrepresentation

Editor's ChoiceEvery one of us has been on the job hunt at one point or another.  The process of finding the right job with the right organization is a daunting task to say the least.  Online job boards have become the most effective way of connecting employee with employer since the birth of the internet.  As these sites have matured and multiplied, the online job hunting medium has increasingly become more complicated.  Sites no longer have the same resume submission process, web format, theme, or career focus.  You may find yourself being able to upload a Word document to one site but then have to completely reformat your resume in text for another.  Some may even require you to retype everything in their Q&A forms.  

Resume Rabbit strives to give customers the benefit of having their resume listed on just about every resume posting board worthwhile through one online submission form.  Resume Rabbit is based in L.A. and is the oldest and largest online resume posting service available.  Let’s take a look at the service and how it measures up to their claim.

How Resume Rabbit Works

Resume Rabbit costs $59.95 and offers a one stop resume posting service to roughly 90 online job and resume boards.   The sign-up process takes roughly 10 minutes if you already have a drafted resume.  You are asked to enter typical contact information, describe your job preferences, and upload your resume.  If you have yet to create one, their user friendly resume builder can get you started. 

You can then select the categories of career sites where you wish your resume posted.  For example, Information Technology would target sites such as  If have already posted a resume to a site, you will either end up with a second listing or your attempt will be denied.  You can also customize Job Agents which send emails to you when a position is posted by a prospective employer with the job characteristics you have previously identified.

Within an hour of completing the signup process your resume will begin to show up on resume hosting sites.  72 hours later your resume should be posted in accordance with your order or your money back. You can track the progress of the postings in your service center via a Real-Time Posting Report.  Once complete, employers and recruiters will contact you directly if interested.

Proximity to Claim

Is Resume Rabbit Honest?The basis of the claim is turning a 60 man-hour effort into 15 minutes and maximizing opportunities by posting your resume to many more sites than an average person would themselves.  If you multiply the time it takes to register and complete the resume rabbit sign-up process by 89 resume posting sites, the result is only 22 hours.  Afterall, you’re completing the same steps on Resume Rabbit as you are on say  Personally, I usually spend more than 15 minutes crafting the perfect profile on these sites for employers.  If I put that sort of effort into Resume Rabbit, it may turn out to be a 60 hour savings…not to mention the time and effort in finding 89 job sites.  If not, 22 hours is still substantial.  Regardless, having a presence on 89 sites is far more than I could bear to do myself. 

Cost to Service Ratio

Does Resume Rabbit cost too much?It appears that for 59.95 you will save 60 man-hours of data entry, which equals one dollar per hour.  It sounds like a bargain if you value your own time over $1 per hour.  However, there is a flaw for those of us that are flexible in the type of work we wish to do.  For example, a college student with a bachelors in Information Technology may be open to system administration, network architecture, information assurance, or any type of position to break into the field.  Basic resume principles would require you to focus on the skills and experience you have specific to a certain position.  If you are open to a variety of work, it would be difficult to craft a resume that highlights your skillsets without making you seem like a Jack of all trades Master of none.

In this type of scenario, the service would benefit you in centralizing your self marketing campaign and reducing the time it takes to set up accounts and entering redundant information.  However, you would still need to spend a good amount of time editing the listings Resume Rabbit posted with targeted resumes.  In this case, I would argue the 60 hours turns into 20 hours rather than 15 minutes.

Resume Rabbit Ease of Use

Is Resume Rabbit easy to use?The registration process and account management consoles are just as easy to use as any other career site.  There are interesting tools and status reports that give you a real time prospectus on your resume campaign.  Resume Rabbit will utilize a email address for your contacts and agent messages which can easily be set to forward to your personal email.  Auto-Logon links can instantly transport and log you into any of the career sites in which your resume has been posted.  This makes it much easier to edit your resumes when the need arises.

Resume Rabbit Legitimacy

Is Resume Rabbit a scam?As of this writing, Resume Rabbit’s formal identity eDirect Publishing Inc. has a B+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and only 8 complaints were filed in the last 3 years.  Having a long and substantial track record of great service has kept Resume Rabbit a leader of resume posting services.


Security and Confidentiality

Is Resume Rabbit Secure?Purchasing the service is handled by VeriSign a trusted leader in secure e-commerce transactions.  Your accounts are authenticated by a username and password and your information is never sold to third parties.  One concern is if your Resume Rabbit account is compromised, your auto-login information for the 89 jobs sites is also available.

Resume Rabbit allows you to keep your identity confidential during registration.  They will either select the confidentiality option on career sites offering that feature or replace your personally identifiable information with something non-descript.  Although not officially announced by Resume Rabbit, it is my assumption that most of the resume posting is software automated.  Even the best data entry personnel would find it difficult to meet the 72 hour guarantee.  As such, automated scripts are often prone mistakes which may misrepresent you.  Good practice suggests verifying the work done by Resume Rabbit by utilizing the auto login feature for each career site.  Most of us will have to make targeting modifications anyhow, so I don’t see this as a major issue.

When using email and forwarding to personal accounts, Resume Rabbit has setup a spam filter to eliminate most non job related messages.  They also employ a virus scan and file type blocking of all forwarded emails.


9.2 Resume Rabbit Review Conclusion

Resume Rabbit Review ConclusionRegardless of how you work the numbers, for $59.95 you can’t beat the time savings associated with this service.  The intuitive auto login feature for career sites is fantastic, the company is trustworthy, the real time reporting keeps you connected, and the security controls are far more than you’ll find elsewhere.   In an era where “Time is Money” Resume Rabbit can’t be beat.  Use your free time to brush up on your interviewing skills rather than slogging through data entry tasks.


Independent Resume Rabbit Reviews

Forward Your Resume Review
"If currently employed, posting your resume to the Internet job boards guarantees lack of confidentiality."

Smuz Product Review
"we were uncertain that Resume Rabbit would, in fact, be able to provide the instant results it claimed it would. We were extremely impressed with the reliability of the service and the timely results."

Top Resume Services Review
"Ask yourself where you're going to find the time to slog the estimated 60+ hours to get your resume out there in these kind of numbers."

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User Resume Rabbit Reviews

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if you cancel when you are done but before you have paid (at least that is the step I was at) you will get an email within a day or 2 offering the service for half price


why is that?
care to explain?
i be curious.


Thanks for the 1/2 price info. It worked for me also!

Resume Rabbit

Did you get a job?

NO and I am a CPA, MBA and

NO and I am a CPA, MBA and CFE (but 50 years old, so no hope in the USA - and that is with NYC top 4 and big company experience !)


Resume Rabbit

it does what it says, but read what it says: It will get you posted on a bunch of websites within 72 hours. Great, but with a few exceptions, most of them are not worth posting on.... unless you like getting emails about resume critiques and other job search services that cost money. Which by the way, if your out of work, you don't have.

Use the big site, you know who they are and one you may not know about 3=e . look for the company you want to work for ,money you want to work for and where you wan to work.

I got junky emails from my RR post. jobs for insurance salesman and such. with indeed and a great resume and cover letter, you can get many call backs for interviews.

I wouldn't waste my money on Resume Rabbit. Even at half price your results are not worth it.

Double Billing by Resume Rabbit

I have used this service twice.  I was happy enough with it until I received double billing and could not get anyone to talk to concerning it much less deal with it.  In fact when I called the number provided it wouldn't even allow me to put in a message.  It took a number of calls to get any message to the company and I have not received ANY response yet.

If this is corrected I will post it to this site otherwise I will contact the Better Business Bureau.

Resume Rabbit2

I bought into this a week ago, and within 72 hours was spam-texted on my cell phone by 5 individuals all claiming to have found my resume at all wanted to "interview online" by having me add their messenger emails to mine, would not answer questions directly, were evasive, and indicated that a phone interview or in-person interview was not possible.

The jury is still out, I will keep advised. Sure, it can be argued that anyone from any of the job sites that the info was submitted to could spam me or act on their own, I will update as my experience reflects. These were all for "IT" jobs.

resume rabbit

This service doesn't work. At best it merely spams your resume to people who aren't interested in hiring!!!!!!

I'd love to be proved wrong!!!! )

I need a job, not to piss away money that I don't have!!!!

Beware of scams

The only responses I have received so far are four people offering the exact same offer. When I replied to the first one she told me it was a work from home offer from Siemens Global (a very good company), then she started asking me for my full name, birthdate, and SSN.  I told her this is obviously a scam!  If she did work for Siemens Global, why was she using a Yahoo email address?  I have not received any legitimate job offers from Resume Rabbit.   

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