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ShoeMoney System 2.0 Reviews ShoeMoney System 2.0 Claim: Online millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker has created a video training program called the ShoeMoney System that answers the question, “How to Make Money Online.” Instead of just talking about internet marketing or exploring theories on how to make money online, Jeremy actually shows you step by step just about every way to earn income on the internet and how to be successful at it. The core of the ShoeMoney System is over 300 full length high quality training videos which actually show you Jeremy’s screen as he walks you through each process. Some of the topics included in the videos are: How to identify niche markets that are profitable; How to find and profit from opportunities that others are missing out on; How to crush your competitors; How to select keywords that people are searching for; Everything you need to know to start promoting affiliate products; How to build a website with zero experience; How to search engine optimize your websites; How to use arbitrage, such as buying products low on one auction site and selling them for higher on another; How to use social media to spread your brand; How to legally protect your website and content; How to earn more with each click and not over spend your PPC budget; How to network with others, find long term partners, and utilize them to launch your own product. Also included with the ShoeMoney System are: interviews and tips from people at Google, Facebook, SponsoredTweets and all major affiliate networks; thousands of dollars in advertising coupons for networks, such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Azoogle; a collection of hand picked third party tools; a progress tracker; your video library; niche ideas, top converting keywords, website templates, and related banners; podcasts and mp3 files of every single talk, presentation, and interview Jeremy has ever given; and bi-weekly live coaching webinars with Jeremy. The ShoeMoney System 2.0 offers all this content immediately online and will deliver all the video modules to you on 14 DVDs. This program will elevate novice and advanced online money makers into full-time internet entrepreneurs.

If you are already a knowledgeable internet marketer, you may be interested in Jeremy's ShoeMoney System Affiliate Program in which you can enjoy three tiers of payouts.


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ShoeMoney Media Group INC
Make Money Online Video Training Program
8 Week Money Back Guarantee
7/10 initial post first impression rating.
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ShoeMoneyX FREE 12 week course

Jeremy has developed a free 12 week introductory course on the world of making money online. It's not so much a "how to make money online" but rather an in depth 12 week course on how things work making money online.


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"If you’ve been on the fence, watching all of these guys make a shitload of money, and been afraid to act, I think this Shoemoney system is absolutely revolutionary, and has taught me a LOT about how I can increase the money I’m already making online."

Andy Hussong and Thomas Belknap
"You can't get some of this stuff for free by searching. You either pay for this knowledge or work your butt off to find out what works. The search online for free mentality is why so many people don't make any money at all...Spending hours online to learn stuff from bits and pieces of free information is honestly one of the worst uses of your time imaginable."

"I have found entirely new things and had invested effort to work the system through. It’s worth every $ for those who want to succeed and are willing to do something for it. It’s obvious that persistence is needed, because you don’t make money the same day you enroll the course"
"I got great help with PPC tools of Shoe money system and some of them include Ad Generator and Ad manager. These two tools helped me producing advertisements based on how people bid for keywords."
This is a personal journal of going through the ShoeMoney System week by week. After 8 weeks in the program this blogger has earned $1,109 from Jeremy's videos.
"Shoe should have just kept doing what he does best, blog and run his company…This is far from what most of you would expect going in. A 9 minute video on clickbank sign up? come on.. He says he has been making videos for a full year?"
"The other thing I like about Jeremy is that he’s compiled some really useful tools to simplify a lot of what he does."

Pre-2.0 when all the videos were not available immediately..."Jeremy’s co-hort, the gal he’s “teaching” all his methods to on video, bugs me. I’m sure she’s a sweet girl, but I find the whole staged thing a bit annoying and distracting. The approach is an interesting one though and could pan out in the coming videos. Just my personal view and I’m not going to let it get in the way of learning."
"Jeremy Schoemaker’s website has really gained the trust and confidence of many people involved in the internet marketing industry. This is one reason many people have a peace of mind about using this system."
A review of the man..."Jeremy Schoemaker is one of the most well known and well respected Internet marketers in the world today. From his humble beginnings in 2003, Jeremy overcame significant odds to become one of the most successful super affiliates anywhere earning millions of dollars in that time."
"The Shoemoney System is basically like a university library that contains info on all things internet marketing related. It quickly becomes apparent that the Shoemoney System is not a scam as you make your way through the course and start seeing results."
"If you are a beginner who doesn't know how to get started, needs an education on a broad range of Internet marketing topics, is willing to work hard and can afford the monthly fee, this is an exceptional program. Without question, it's the best I've seen for beginners. And for intermediate level marketers, yes it is worth it, if you are patient getting started."
"If you follow through the course, after 12 months you should have a thriving online business that could generate some nice residual income for you month after month. If for some reason you FAIL to make any money after going through the complete course, you can ask for a FULL REFUND!"


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Bouch's picture
Worth it for only a couple years


Due to the expense of the ShoeMoney System, I thought I would share a few things to consider before making the investment.  Jeremy is a brilliant internet marketer and has created a very high quality set of video tutorials on just about every way to make money online.  While this system is designed as a step by step process to get you making a living online, the lifecycle of the information may be short lived.  The internet, relevant websites, resources, SEO, etc all change rapidly which puts an expiration date on the ShoeMoney System.  What works best to make money online now is not what was best 3 or 4 years ago. 

If you jump into the program now, the strategies and resources Jeremy describes will be relevant, current, and surely get you earning a full time income online within a year, provided the effort and work is put in.  However, by 2012 the information will be dated unless Jeremy will regularly update the videos.  Other educational resources, such as Wealthy Affiliate (WA) mainly use text as their way of conveying information.  Don’t get me wrong, the videos are great and a fantastic way of learning, but text is much easier and cheaper to update with the changing times.  Unless the ShoeMoney System gets an overhaul each year, your window of turning this investment into profit shrinks every day.

Bouch's picture
ShoeMoney System 2.0

Did anyone read my initial review of Jeremy’s ShoeMoney System?  It has since been taken down because it is now inaccurate.  Apparently, he listened to my feedback along with many of yours.  No longer are we going to have to pay a $200 monthly fee and wait a year to receive all the content.  He has completely changed the ShoeMoney System’s distribution scheme, added more content, and made it a one time fee.  This is excellent news as it now is worth the investment. 

The first iteration of the ShoeMoney System cost roughly $2,364 with the content delivered over a year.  Now it will be a one time fee of $497 or $397 using Coupon Code "moneysta" and you’ll get:

1. ShoeMoney System 2.0 coaching course.  All modules available from day one.
2. In addition to getting instant access to all the modules online, you may also get all modules delivered to your doorstep on 14 DVDs.

3. Instant access to the audio vault containing years of podcasts with industry leaders.
4. You will have an opportunity to pickup the 197 page home study course.  This is an amazing guide that walks you through each and every video pointing out key takeaways and assigning valuable skill building exercises.
5. Over $2,500 in free ad coupons and discounts
6. Everyone has 4 bi-weekly coaching webinars with Jeremy where you will go over every module of the ShoeMoney System and Jeremy will personally answer any question anyone has.

Bouch's picture
Looks like Jeremy dropped the

Looks like Jeremy dropped the price to $97 and changed their sales system...good news for all those that couldn't justify the $497 price tag.

Pretty good, concise <a

Pretty good, concise shoemoney system review. All your links are dead because the course is no longer sold through infusionsoft platform, which makes your review slighly out of date as the price is now $97...but your conclusion holds true - not a scam!

Bouch's picture
the page has been

the page has been updated...thanks for the heads up.

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