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Sponsored Tweets Reviews Sponsored Tweets Claim: Created by Ted Murphy and featured on The Wall Street Journal, PBS, USA Today, and The New York Times, Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform that connects advertisers with Tweeters. Tweeters earn money by having an advertiser sponsor a tweet to their follower base. You do not need a website or a product to sell, you are just a 140 character voice for an advertiser. Sponsored Tweets is accredited in the Better Business Bureau, is in compliance with the FTC and has a robust ethics program, such as mandatory disclosures and manual ad approvals. IZEA has been operating Sponsored Tweets since 2006 and has pioneered the sponsored conversation space within social media's innovative platforms. The amount you make depends on who you are, how many followers you have, how often you tweet, the quality of your tweets, and how often Advertisers choose to work with you. In addition, Sponsored Tweets has a gracious referral or affiliate program that allows you to profit 10% from every Tweeter you refer to the program that makes a sale during the first two years. There is no risk to join as there are no fees, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Sponsored Tweets at a Glance


Official Site:

IZEA Corporation
Getting Paid for your Tweets
8/10 initial post first impression rating.
Subject to change upon Editorial Review.

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Independent Sponsored Tweets Reviews

"I could find no complaints about non-payment. Most of the concern regarding Sponsored Tweets is the fact that monetizing Twitter may change the way Twitter works."

Jennifer Van Grove
"Though IZEA’s offering certainly isn’t unique — there’s already a few services making sponsored tweets a Twitter trend — we do think that their size, reach through celebrities, and approach could distinguish them from competitors"

Eric Nagel
"In the end, I paid $39.90 (some users declined my opportunity) for 203 clicks ($0.20 CPC)."

Stefan Nilsson
"If you want to make money by selling tweets I am sure this is the service you should be using simply because they have the chance to attract interesting advertisers thanks to their celebrities."

"To me this shows a lot. I'd rather buy 100 tweets from low volume tweeters than 2-3 large tweets. "

Michael Quale
"Almost everyone of the opportunities Sponsored Tweets presented to me seemed useful. Some actually interested me."

Tim Schroeder
"It’s a great way for a Tweeter to make some quick and easy money (provided you don’t go crazy with it and send out multiple ads a day)."

"They do need to get more advertisers on board because some of the smaller publishers aren’t receiving ads to make money on Twitter. So more advertisers will be better. With time this will happen. "


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Sponsored Tweets...Not Bad


I joined sponsored tweets about 6 months ago, and have made about 10.00 so far.  Not enough to cash out yet, but still easy money.  I was able to increase the frequency of offers to me by lowering my suggested price.  In the past few days I have lowered it even more so I will see what happens.  I would be interested to see how it works on the advertiser end.


 They told me I should tweet for 81 cents per tweet.

Then all the offers I got were for a NICKEL or UNDER.  

So much for "Sponsored Tweets" . They should call themselves "Sponsored Lies".

Sounds like a good

Sounds like a good opportunity to make easy money and I might give it a try. Does anyone knows if there are any problems regarding the payments? If they have something like the Kirk Sanford payments it shouldn't be any problem, but I am willing to take the risk.

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