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Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier for Less Reviews Leah Ingram's Suddenly Frugal Claim: Leah Ingram is the author of Suddenly Frugal, has written many other lifestyle books, and has been featured in USA Weekend, Parade, Woman’s Day, BusinessWeek, and The CBS Evening News. “Suddenly Frugal: How to Live Happier and Healthier for Less” is the culmination of her experiences in the frugality lifestyle in which much of it is documented on her popular blog of the same name. Suddenly Frugal gives the reader a different perspective on their life to identify small and painless changes that will add up to major savings without sacrificing quality of life. At 256 pages, Suddenly Frugal tackles topics like changing shopping habits, finding energy efficient appliances, less expensive renovations and decorations, smart gardening and landscaping, doing it yourself, rooms for improvement, getting something for almost nothing, entertainment savings, finding bargains on holiday gifts, what not to throw away, great but inexpensive vacations, and much more. The entirety of frugal tips in this book adds up to a money savings opportunity of $25,000 a year.


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Leah Ingram
January 18, 2010
Book: Save Money with Frugality
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Sacramento Book Review
"The book stresses the difference between spending money wisely and being cheap. Each chapter ends with a tally of how much you can save by taking her tips. She claims that by using all of the tips in the book, your family can save $25,000 a year. "

"While the book is geared towards the emerging frugalista, I found chapter three, “Appliances that Don’t Suck….Energy that is”, enlightening. It was nice to know that small appliances aren’t bleeding us dry, energy wise."

"Lots of great ideas. Some of them are a little over the top for me but it helped me see thing from a different perspective. I loved all of the green ideas, who knew that being frugal could be so green?! "

"This is most definitely NOT for me. I'm beyond the "close the fridge to save energy" tips. I'm also beyond the "use your library" tips. I was hoping for something more. And can we mention how repetitive it was?"

Julia McGuire
"This book is worth a read if you’re new to living frugally. If you have been living a frugal lifestyle, this book has a couple fresh ideas and a lot of affirmation for your current situation choices. All the websites mentioned in the book that I checked seemed to be up and running, so I feel that it is very contemporary. Remember to do as the book says and take the "Total Savings" figures with a grain of salt."
"The book is broken down in chapters that have more than one thing you can do to cut back on expenses pertaining to specific areas of your life. It even lists at the end of each chapter how much you could save, as an average each year, if you do what is in that chapter. It was good to know that I could still enjoy doing alot of the things I did before but make a change or two and save money doing them."

"Suddenly Frugal was written with budget-consciousness in mind. The chapters address most subjects that are of concern in recession-hit households—clothing, transportation, food, entertainment, and special occasions. Although many people associate frugality with being a miser, this book dispels that myth by being informative and insightful. It provides realistic solutions to everyday needs and even provides information about groups and organizations that are designed to help people save. "


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Great book with great saving

Great book with great saving advice. Thee are many ideas in the book that we all know but rarely use it in our life. You also will winf new and fresh tips on frugal living. I personally like the section with advice on getting something for almost nothing. If serious about saving money, take a look.

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